Brake fluid DOT4 / 5.1 Hose

We are pleased to introduce our reference CTDOT4/5.1 for brake fluids DOT4 and DOT 5.1.

Brake fluid is composed of POLI GLICOL by-products. According to the Department of Transportation, conventional brake fluids reach boiling temperatures of 205 °C (DOT 3), 230 °C (DOT 4) or 260 °C (DOT 5.1).
These fluids have hygroscopic traits (external humidity absorption). Therefore if the hose is not specifically designed for liquid brake use, small water drops may appear on the outer layer, thus causing corrosion and freezing at low temperatures.

Our reference CTDOT4/5.1 has been developed to ensure no leaks take place in the long run. This is a highly flexible hose, manufactured in rubber with no reinforcement. It is available in different diameters ( ᴓ 4.5, 6 and 8 mm). It is supplied in rolls of 25 metres.

Download now the technical data sheet of our product here.

Send an email to to request your test sample.
You will receive a CTDOT4 section of the diameter you are interested in free of charge at your facilities.


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