New : SAE J 1532 - A3

NEW:   Transmission Oil Cooler hose


SAE J 1532 Type A- Class 3


Dear Customer,

It is a pleasure to inform you about the launching of a new hose for automatic transmission cooling

Systems :
SAE-J-1532  Type A: working preassure 1.7 MPa , bursting preassure 6.9 MPA
SAE-J-1532  Class 3:  temperature range -40ºC/ 165ºC  

For us it is a small step to demonstrate our continued ability to adapt our production to
market requirements.


- Outer layer:         AEM (Vamac)
- Reinforcement:    AR (Kevlar)
- Inner layer:        AEM (Vamac)

      DIAMETERS (ID x OD): 

       -  6 x 12 mm 
       -  8 x 14,2 mm
       - 10 x 16 mm
       - 12 x 18 mm
It is a special order, not a stock item.

For further details , please do contact us at
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