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Dear customers,

we will to flatter with prices of TR (Radiator Hose) that you can not refuse.

• 300 meters from TR-10 € 1.50 / meter
• 300 meters from TR-11 € 1.74 / meter
• 300 meters from TR-13 € 1.80 / meter
• 250 meters from TR-19 € 2.33 / meter

The TR is a flexible rubber hose for water, car engines and motors cooling systems. Temperature range: -30ºC to +120ºC.

Available in rolls or in 50 metres lengths units and 25 millimetre diameter.

Make your order now and do not expect more for your material. In a maximum of 21 days will receive it in your facilities.

Consult it in our website (click Promotion boton)or personalized service without compromise to or tel. +0034 972 318 004.

Valid until 31 october 2014.

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